Imperium Insurance Brokers

Why choose Imperium Insurance?

Imperium is Insurance brokerage firm. We focus on being a first choice agent for customers who prefer the best in quality service.

We are Insurance professionals who operates by law, representatives of our customers and we act to their greatest advantage. We help our customers to distinguish their protection needs, and purchase the required insurance for their benefit on the most ideal terms and cost.

We are in charge of the preparation and transaction of policies under the insurance covers we purchase for our customers.


Imperium Insurance Broker (IIB) is not tied to any Insurance company. Our role to you is to explore different offers from insurers and find a suitable one for you.

A quick chat with you will tell us all we need to find you a suitable policy from the insurers within our network.


Imperium Insurance Brokers (IIB), recognizes extraordinary requirements, identifies the cover you need, arranges it with an appropriate insurer and makes sure your documents are present and correct too.


You must be paying for that extra link in the chain, right?

Well, contrary to popular belief, Imperium Insurance Brokers (IIB), often offer cheaper policies than direct insurers.

How? It’s simple, insurers often give different (lower) rates to Imperium Insurance Brokers (IIB) than their direct customers. That might seem odd but it’s for a good reason.


This is probably the best reason to use a Imperium Insurance Brokers (IIB). When the worst happens, you need all the help you can get.

We represents you, not the insurer, and it is our job to make sure your interests are covered. Claims are complicated & Satisfactory. The benefit of having an insurance professional there to guide you, monitor the claim’s progress and make sure everything happens when it should, can not be underestimated.


Undeniable Benefits of using Imperium Insurance Brokers

Objective Risk Assessments
Objective Risk Assessments
Cost Savings on Your Premiums
Cost Savings on Your Premiums
Range of Insurer Options
Range of Insurer Options
Accurate Policy Comparisons
Accurate Policy Comparisons
Claim Assistance & Management
Claim Assistance & Management
Time Savings
Time Savings
The Right Advice
The Right Advice
Happy clients
Insurance Covers
Year in market
Support team
How does Imperium Insurance help?

In short, when you work with our qualified insurance brokage, we take care of your claim so you can focus on what’s really important – getting your business back on track.

Does imperium have additional costs?

The answer is NO, instead imperium can help in cost reduction and guaranteeing value for money. for the customary services for insurance broker, the compensation of the broker is by method for commission from the insuring company as per overall practice and custom. the premium rate perpetually incorporates a securing and adjusting cost which the insured pays to an insurance company regardless of whether the insured goes straight to the insurance company or not.

by way of commission the insuring company along these lines, the protection broking administration of skyline would be completely at no cost to the customer.

the premium rate invariably includes an acquisition and servicing cost which the insured pays to the insurance company regardless of whether the insured goes directly to the insurance company or not. it is this acquisition and servicing cost that the insurance company passes  to the broker by way of commission. therefore, the insurance broking services of Horizon would be entirely at no cost to the client.

Why immediate claim notification?

To allow the insurers to take any measures or steps so as to minimize the loss or prevent further damage.

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