Permanent and Total Disability

  • Lump sum payment is paid out to the bank/institution if the loan holder becomes permanently disabled and is no longer able to perform their job or a similar job

Temporary and Total Disability

  • Loan installments for up to 6 months is paid up to the bank /institution if the loan holder becomes temporary disabled.


  • The outstanding loan balance will be paid to the institution/bank in case of death of a member (loan holder)

Group Life Cover

  • Employer (policyholder) decides on the level of benefit to be provided.
  • Employer will pay the premium to imperium insurance Broker
  • In case of a claim, the benefit will be paid to the employer, who in turn pays the employee’s nominated beneficiaries.

Funeral Benefit

A lump sum payment is paid to the nominated beneficiary on the death of a member or family to cover for funeral expenses. Benefit could also be paid on the death of member’s spouse and children, up to four children.

Credit Life Insurance

Credit life insurance is a form of insurance which provides a cost effective way to settle the outstanding debt should a client die or become disabled.

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